Pablo Neruda
Born 12 July 1904
Killed September 23, 1973


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FALSE death certificate

Neruda lies on the floor of his destroyed house


Manuel Araya Osorio
Initiator of the complaint of the murder of Neruda


It is known that science has a definitive answer to the death of Pablo Neruda.
Brazilian nerudians have circulated the following comment, which is necessary to spread
to demand that this October 16 information is delivered to the world on the conclusions
and that is in the power of the Chilean government some time ago

Traduccion: ​
Lembrando: Neruda morreu 10 dias após o golpe militar pinochetista.el 23 de setembro de 1972.
Ele foi morto, como veremos no próximo dia 16 de outubro.
Frederico Fullgraf
Recordando:Neruda fallecio 10 dias despues del golpe militar pinochetista.el 23 de septiembre de 1972. 
Murio asesinado ,como veremos el proximo 16 de Octubre.
Frederico Fullgraf 
Remembering: Neruda died 10 days after the military coup pinochetista.el 23 of September of 1972.
He was killed, as we will see next October 16th.
Frederico Fullgraf
SIN - Nerudian Information System


Breaking News

Public statement, San Antonio, september 23th , 2017


The countdown has begun. 

Science will talk about its scientific findings and conclusions.



Court of Appeals of Santiago

Power of attorney

Santiago de Chile, September 2, 2017


In case roll No. 1038 -2011of the 34th Judge of Santiago, Don Mario Carroza Espinoza, followed by the death of Pablo Neruda, it is required to officiate to the experts that has continued to be indicated, to be constituted in Santiago de Chile from 16 to 20 of October next, in panel of experts Genomico Proteotico, to give an account of the results and scientific conclusions of the tests ordered by the present Court. Consequently, this Court will take an oath of secrecy secrecy at the beginning of the Panel, without detriment to the strict reservation of information that must be observed since your takeover



Mario Carroza Espinoza

Minister on extraordinary visit


To the experts:


1.- Gloria Ines Ramirez Donoso .MD., Ms

2.-Andrei N. Tchernitchin Varlamov, MD

3.-Leonardo Gaete, MD

4.-Javier Dominguez Cruzar, MD

5.-Cecilia Albala Breis, MD (INTA)

6.-Aurelio Luna Maldonado, MD

7.-Francisco Etxeverria Gabilondo, MD

8.- Charles Brenner, PhD

9.-George SensaBaugh, PhD

10.- Jhon Swartzberg.MD., FACP

11.-Niels Morling MD., DMSc.

12.-Marie-Luise Kampmann PhD.

13.-Debi Poinar PhD

14.-Hendrik Poinar PhD

15.-Xavier Jean Oliver Cathelineau MD

16.-Cristian Orrego Benavente PhD


Nerudian Information System